I have a number of spec scripts and projects in development looking for just the right lunatic to move it forward.  Drop me a line to read any of the below or some of my other work.


The death of a father leaves family members adrift and facing questions of what remains. An ensemble cast in a dramatic-comedy of multiple stories and quixotic quests intertwining in a meditation on memory and the human story, and how machines may be part of that same story. Its about what we leave behind, and what we try and hold on to, and whether, in the long run, we even exist at all..  An unconventional narrative with sci-fi influences.  

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The miraculous resurrection of a pet rabbit brings about profound changes for the peculiar residents of a low-income apartment complex.  If a miracle changes your life, does it matter if it’s true?  BUNNIES is a comic tale of despair and renewal, of lost causes and irrational faith. A modest budget, character driven fable with a “magic realism” air and an ensemble cast, it evokes equal parts Amelie and Little Miss Sunshine.


A vagabond artist finds greatness and horror when he finds some unusual new paints that create hypnotic effects in viewers, and even seem to predict the future, but only work when mixed with blood.  In the vein of the Rod Serling Night Gallery– albeit rather more graphic – this is a film of ideas and psychology, of the conflict between order and chaos, between passion and rationality, and which of the two reigns supreme in determining the value and course of human life.


(short) A mother discovers her son has run off to be a clown in the circus.  In tracking him down, she discovers a surreal world of indentured clown labor camps and learns that dreams are potent, sometimes unbreakable, chains.

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